Enhancing your greatness—your maximum capacity to create tremendous outcomes with and through others—requires you to awake to more effective ways of

  • Harnessing the power of self – your purpose, passion, strengths, head-and-heart, and
  • Engaging with others – those you lead and your co-collaborators

Whether it be through our services of:


…we ignite this awakening in leaders and teams.

The Leadership Circle Profile, Workshops, and Culture Survey were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle™. See for more information. Created For Greatness, LLC is an authorized distributor of Personalysis®. Personalysis is a tool developed, owned, licensed, and sold by Personalysis Corporation. Visit for more information.
  • Featured Learning Engagements

    The Authentic Leader Workshop

    A powerful leadership and team development experience for managers at every level that incorporates insights from The Leadership Circle Profile™ (TLCP) 360° assessment with provocative situations that enable participants to see which of their behaviors work and which are counterproductive.

    Personalysis Team Building Workshop™

    Teams enhance their interactions, communication, and ability to leverage their collective strengths to get results through the critical insights they gain about each other through the use of Personalysis©.    

    Evoking Creativity for Greater Outcomes Workshop™

    Today’s increasing complexities and challenges demand that leaders and team access more and more creative solutions to achieve their desired outcomes.  Fortunately, creativity is inherent in everyone and through this experience, leaders gain lasting wisdom on how to readily tap into their abilities to think creatively and inspire it in those around them.