Our clients are leaders—from young adults to the more seasoned—in varying stages of their work and lives.  Our clients are teams—from teams that recommend, teams that do and think, and teams that lead and manage—in varying types of organizations.


What our clients have in common is a commitment to be more effective in their personal and professional lives…and a passion to bring more of their own greatness to the table to achieve this goal.


Our Leaders:

  • Aim to lead from clarified purpose, values, and vision
  • Seek to enhance their leadership competencies
  • Want to transition to higher / broader levels of accountability, responsibility, and impact
  • Desire to inspire with more Presence and integrate more head-heart-body competencies for more powerful impact
  • Strive to communicate more effectively

Our Teams are:

  • Committed to changing organizational culture to higher performing and more fulfilling
  • Determining strategic vision and implementation
  • Committed to addressing barriers and implementing disciplines to achieve higher performance


Our clients have included leaders and teams at







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