Assessments for Insights

Reveal greater possibilities for purposeful productive actions by increasing your insights…

  • Realize more benefits of your core competencies and strengths
  • Gain more clarity on productive and counter-productive behaviors and beliefs
  • Generate more game-changing shifts for greater effectiveness
  • Create more actionable, impactful, and sustainable plans for growth

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We offer proven leadership, competency, and team assessments that we help you mine for the golden nuggets of insights they provide.  Using these insights, we work with you to craft an approach to implement game-changing shifts in your work and life.


These insights help you have a deeper, grounded understanding of your self and situation, which opens the door for more intentional actions towards your goal of greater effectiveness.

The Leadership Circle Profile, Workshops, and Culture Survey were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle™. See for more information.
Created For Greatness, LLC is an authorized distributor of Personalysis®. Personalysis is a tool developed, owned, licensed, and sold by Personalysis Corporation. Visit for more information.
  • Key Assessments

    The Leadership Circle Profile™

    A powerful 360° profile that enables you to connect your patterns of action with underlying motivations and align it to proven leadership competencies.

    The Leadership Circle Culture Survey™

    A compellingly insightful view of your current versus desired leadership culture that positions you to focus leadership and organization efforts towards real and meaningful shifts.

    Personalysis® Assessment

    A credible personality assessment that enhances your interactions and performance by revealing how personality strengths and vulnerabilities drive commitment, communication, and style preferences.

    Others Assessments

    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
    Clifton Strengthsfinder
    TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence Appraisal